31 October 2016


The present day Bende LGA was formally caled Old Bende which administrative and geo-political area stretched At that time,from Arochukwu to Umuahia and included such towns as Ututu, Ihechiowa, Ohafia, Abiriba, Nkporo, Abam, Umuhu, Bende, Igbere, Item,Alayi,Ozu-item, Isiukwu-ato, Uzuakoli, Nkpa, Umuahia, and Ikwuano with a population of 3 million people. Citizens from the Old Bende LGA area are simply referred to as "Bende People".The term Bende is in honor of a town called "Bende" which was the seat of Local Government under the Old Bende LGA era of governance. Even today, the Bende town is still the administrative seat of Bende in the present day Abia state local government areas structure.

BENDE today has many towns namely; Nkpa, Nkpokpa, Amaohoro, Eluama, Agbaiyi, Umuede, Umuewu, Ugwu, Obilaji, Okpobia , Alayi, Item ,Okporoenyi, Ugwueke , Eziukwu, Igbere and Odua with the toatal population of about 128.227 based on 2006 population census. Bende is predominantly farmers and local traders. Bende is blessed with so many natural resources like Salt, Gold, Phosphate, Laterite Gravel and Lime Stone.It is also one of the three agricultural backbone of Abia state.The people cultivate yam, cassava, coco yam and harvest Large Palm oil plantation for commercial and personal consumption which was formerly the heavy earner for the people in the LGA before the Oil boom and has now been neglected.