31 October 2016


Umunneochi is a Local Government Area, LGA, in Abia State of Nigeria. Umunneochi is authoritatively known as Nneochi. Umunneochi is comprised of three noteworthy septs Umuchieze , Nneato and Isuochi. The home office is situated in the provincial managerial town of Nkwoagu, situated in Isuochi. The asministrative capital is Nkwoagu in Amuda of Isuochi has been in old and cutting edge times political and managerial revitalizing focuses for Umunneochi self-ruling communities.The real towns of Umunneochi are [Amuda]], (Ngodo),[Lokpaukwu]], Leru, Lomara Lokpanta, Lekwesi and Mbala .These towns have been sorted out and re-composed various circumstances throughout the years with their Traditional Heads known as Ndi-Eze. The Ndi-Eze lead with their Sub-Chiefs and Eze-in-councils.


The span of Umunneochi is 368 km² in land range and a populace of 163,928, as indicated by the 2006 Nigeria National Census.


The real control of the Umunneochi individuals incorporate horticulture, exchanging and mining of granite,quorite and laterite. The fundamental rural sustenance products are cassava, yam, dark beans and cocoyam. the Cash yields are palm nuts and cashew nuts. These likewise constitute establishment of mechanical exercises in the zone. Moreover there schools, houses of worship and dirt and stoneware exercises.