31 October 2016


Arochukwu, once in a while referred as Arochuku, or Aro-Okigbo, (professed Aruchukwu) is the third biggest city in Abia State (after Aba and Umuahia) in southeastern Nigeria and country of the Igbo subgroup, Aro individuals. It is made out of 19 towns with a general pioneer called Eze Aro. Arochukwu is an essential memorable town in Igboland. It was additionally one of the urban areas in the Southern protectorate focused by the British provincial government. A few notable vacationer locales exist in the city. The spiritualist Ibini Ukpabi place of worship, the slave courses and different relics of the slave exchange time are much of the time went to by visitors. It is additionally in the sustenance belt of Abia state where the vast majority of the staple nourishments are delivered.


The kingdom is mostly Igbo with Ibibio and Akpa minorities. The main language in Arochukwu is Igbo while Ibibio is also spoken.The population of Arochukwu proper is 10,776 The local government area had a population of 193,820 in 2011, up from 97,800 in 1991.